Keys are essential for your home, car, or business, but they're also one of the most misplaced items people own. There are a few places where lost keys usually turn up. Before calling a locksmith for a lockout, check these areas first.

What Are Some of Locations People Regularly Lose Their Keys?

1. Bathroom

Keys frequently end up left on sinks and toilets, or they get sent into your plumbing. When you’re in a hurry, you may place your keys down and forget to pick them up. While retrieving them from a counter is easy, it’s harder to save them if they’re in the pipes. Instead of putting them down, place them in a pocket, or use a key ring that can be attached to a belt buckle.

2. Bags

locksmithIf you carry a backpack or purse, your keys are usually lost in the bottom of the bag, especially if you carry a ton of other items. Try stashing them in one of the smaller compartments, preferably one with a zipper, and return them to this spot every time you use them.

3. The Sofa

Carrying keys in your pocket regularly leads to them falling out and ending up under couches or lost in the crevices of sofa cushions. If they hit the floor, you may inadvertently kick them further away without even realizing it. Attach the keys to your person with a clasp, or transfer them to a safe location like a wall hook.

4. Garbage Cans

Whether you are cleaning your home, or you are dumping bags into a dumpster outside, your keys can slip out and get swept up in the garbage, and rummaging through the waste is no fun. Use keyrings that attach to a belt buckle or pants loop, or use a brightly colored, large keychain that is easy to spot in the trash pile.

5. In Locks

People are usually distracted when entering and exiting their car or home. You may be carrying several bags, or your kids are demanding your attention, and it is not uncommon for your keys to be left in the lock. Before going crazy and tearing up your home, check your car ignition or front door first.


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