Natural light from windows or glass doors will make your home feel airier, reduce your reliance on electricity, and improve your well-being. Unfortunately, many homes aren’t designed to take advantage of the sun. Use the following tips to create a brighter and healthier home environment. 

How to Maximize Your Home’s Natural Light

Add Windows Strategically  

While the addition of any window will introduce more light, certain options are especially effective. Install a gorgeous picture window – a large, single pane of glass – to transform your living room or dining area. When placed in a proper frame and positioned to take advantage of scenic views of your lawn and garden, this feature can become a centerpiece of your property. If you’re trying to boost the light in an area of your home that’s too small to accommodate large fixtures, try versatile options, such as skylights or porthole windows. Even tiny half baths can get sun using casements with frosted panes. 

Install Sliding Patio Doors 

windowsIf you have a solid door that leads outside to your deck or patio, switch it out for glass sliding doors. This allows you easy access to the outdoors while doubling as a source of ample natural light. In addition, sliding doors are made of heavy glass and durable materials, so you’ll maintain the temperature of your home.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are relatively low-effort and cost-effective ways to reflect and amplify the light you already receive from your existing arrangement. Hanging mirrors will enhance your home without taking up any floor space, while freestanding options can become decorative elements in their own right. Place them opposite a window and ensure there’s no furniture obstructing the rays. 


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