Regular window cleaning is essential for a neat and tidy home. Skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows add beauty and sunlight to your home, but maintaining them is a little more challenging than your standard varieties. Incorporate the following tips in your care plan to make this chore a breeze. 

How to Clean Hard-to-Reach Windows

1. Use Gadgets 

It’s hard to clean the exteriors of windows on upper stories, especially if the models you’ve installed don’t unlatch or swing inward for access. If you have a third or fourth floor in your home, for instance, or live in an apartment building, standard ladders may not be a safe or feasible option. For these, get a magnetic window cleaner that you can control from the inside. 

2. Try an Extendable Pole

windowExtendable poles with attachment options are the most effective way to clean skylights. Be sure to find one with the appropriate length by first determining the height of the windows. Buy squeegees and strip washers that can properly attach to the end of the pole. Always clean from top to bottom to prevent any lingering streaks on the pane. 

3. Dry Immediately

Dry the windows with a microfiber cloth attachment immediately after washing. If you have wood frames around the windows, the lingering water could cause warping. Quick drying will also prevent the water from dripping onto your floors. 


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