Sliding windows are popular for their classic appearance. Many homeowners opt for this style over other options because they’re flattering and practical. If you’re thinking about replacing your existing windows and want to explore a new look, here’s what you should know about sliders.

What Are They?

windowsSliders are windows that open horizontally instead of pushing up or swinging out. As they slide, a single pane slides over another to make them flush with one another. They are typically installed on openings that are wide, such as floor-to-ceiling or picture windows. There are several configurations available. A two-lite slider features two movable sashes. A three-lite model includes two sashes that slide along a single stationary window in the center.

What Are Their Benefits?

The greatest advantage of the sliding window is that it provides a clear, broad view of your outdoor space and allows natural light to flood the room. They’re also easy to operate by simply shifting a single movable pane back and forth as needed. Many homeowners prefer this style because it saves space. The window remains on the roller track instead of swinging out and taking up room in spots where space is at a premium.

Which Rooms Do They Suit?

Sliding windows are extremely versatile. They look great in ground-floor rooms, especially in areas like dens, family rooms, and living rooms where large windows may look out on the front yard or the back landscape. They also work well in bathrooms above the bathtub. The mechanism allows you to slide the window open a crack to let some breeze into the room.


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