With so many types available on the market, finding the perfect replacement window for your home may seem difficult. But homes with taller openings will benefit most from double-hung or casement windows. Here is a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of both types to help you decide.


Double-hung windows are classic and economical. They operate on vertical sliding tracks to allow you to open both the top and bottom portions. Since these types of windows are extremely popular, competing manufacturers provide more variations in colors and material, including wood and vinyl options.

However, double-hung windows can develop leaks without routine maintenance. The vertical sliding track seals can loosen, which will reduce the window's airtight insulation.


Casement window replacementCasement windows open outward on hinges like doors. Some manufacturers include a hand crank for easy operation. The windows come with locks embedded into the frame. They provide a clear view of the outside and bring in more natural light and airflow than other window types. When closed, they provide a tighter seal than double-hung models.

But because casement windows open outward, they’re susceptible to damage from forceful winds. You’ll also need to consider the window’s reach. If there are any obstructions outside, like trees, you may not be able to fully open the window. Additionally, the parts sticking out may pose a safety risk in a trafficked area.


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