Condensation buildup on windows is a common problem in many homes during the winter months. Moisture fogs the glass, making it difficult to see the snowy landscape outside. Beads of sweat also settle in the crevices of framing, warping and rotting the material. To avoid the need for replacements come spring, below is a quick explanation as to why condensation occurs and how to combat it. 

Why Does Window Condensation Happen in Winter?

When you press your hand against a window during winter, you’ll notice the glass is a lot colder than the temperature inside the house. Warm air produced by the furnace can also hold more water vapor than cold air, which is why homes can be humid during wintertime.

When the humid interior air makes contact with the cold glass, condensation forms. In homes with plenty of air leaks, the water vapor typically escapes through the openings as air circulates, resulting in less condensation buildup on glass. Homes without air leaks often experience more severe problems with condensation buildup. 

How Can You Prevent It?

windowsAlthough you can’t raise the temperature outside to make the windows warmer, you can control how inside air interacts with the cold glass. Start by eliminating moisture from the air. Do this by placing dehumidifiers in bathrooms, laundry areas, and other humid places.

Leaving windows open a crack will help water vapor filter outside. Also,  install exhaust fans in humid rooms to direct moisture away from the house. If applying these strategies doesn’t solve the condensation issues, consider window replacements. Fixtures with a higher R-value provide more insulation to keep the glass warm.  


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