Like other parts of your home, windows don’t last forever. They endure wear and tear throughout the years and eventually need to be replaced. It’s important to know when window replacement is necessary so that you don’t sacrifice your comfort or spend unnecessarily on utility bills. Here’s what you need to know. 

4 Signs Your Windows Should Be Replaced

1. Cracks

Whether they’re caused by temperature fluctuations or impacts, cracks can cause many problems. They detract from the appearance of your home and cause drafts. They can also expand over time and jeopardize the integrity of the windows. 

2. Difficulty Opening & Closing Windows

window replacementOpening and closing your windows should never be difficult tasks. If they’re becoming more and more challenging, it’s time for window replacements. These issues may be due to warped wood or a shifting foundation, and they create safety risks.

3. Higher Utility Bills

Outdated windows often don’t have proper insulation and can cause cool and hot air to escape. If you’ve noticed an increase in your utility bills, your windows may be to blame. Replacing them will be a worthwhile investment, as you’ll save money on your utility bills over time. When choosing new ones, look for ENERGY STAR®-certified products to ensure they’re eco-friendly and energy-efficient.  

4. More Noise Than Usual

If you’re constantly distracted by outside noises, it could be due to having older windows. They may no longer effectively block outdoor noises. When selecting new windows, make sure the sound rating is at least 10 points under your walls’ ratings. 


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