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About American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services

Wildlife removal in New Milford, CT

Don't let the sounds of critters scratching and scurrying keep you awake at night. American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services in New Milford, CT, will take care of your animal removal dilemma, and they will do it ethically.

American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services is owned and operated by a wildlife biologist. Eschewing harsh chemicals often used in wildlife removal, they've been specializing in humane animal control since their opening in 1971. Once the pest in your home has been trapped, the company relocates them to DEEP-approved forest lands. This method allows them to be effective but still eco-friendly.

Using a three-pronged approach to pest control, American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services not only removes nuisance animals from your home but also works hard to prevent them from coming in again. Their prevention and exclusion services, such as capping chimneys, will keep pests out in the future. And their licensed craftsmen will help repair the damage that's left behind like holes in the floor or even roof repairs.

No matter the pest, American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services can help. From bugs and mice to raccoon and snakes, they're experienced in home animal removal in the greater New Fairfield and Litchfield counties. Have a few bats in the attic? They'll go anywhere in Connecticut to safely remove those nuisance animals.

If you're seeking humane animal control that solves your pest problem once and for all, call American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services at (860) 355-1231, and visit their website to learn more about their animal removal services. 


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"We were recommended by a friend and we are very happy we went with American Bio Tech. They were so professional, kind and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend them."... more
- Liz Deluca [Google My Business, July 8, 2021]
"Our relationship with American Bio-Tech started in 2010 when we moved to our house in Lakeville, CT. It's an old, beautiful house which is located in town, but also close to any number of wildlife. Bears, deer, raccoons, ground hogs. We also had bats in our attic. Every time we called on this group of professional, kind, animal-lovers we admired this company of biologists more and more. They treat the animals with dignity and respect and when the animals outstay their welcome, Robert Boone and his staff secure them and ease them to a place where they will be safe and away from people. I don't know how we would live here without them. They are the best."... more
- Nina Goodall [Google My Business, May 21, 2021]
"Professional, transparent and Customer focused describes the effort for our squirrel removal. It was not a smooth process as the squirrel had a mind of its own and presented a significant challenge. Throughout the customers were kept informed and were actively involved. In the end the squirrel was moved to a new home and the entryway sealed."... more
- BOB Deichert [Google My Business, April 18, 2021]