If you work with heavy equipment on a regular basis, it's crucial to know even the slightest signs of wear. This applies to everything from your average forklift to equipment involved in heavy-duty demolition work. The pros at Contractors' Equipment & Service of Waipahu, HI, are concerned about the safety of their customers and employees above all else; they want everyone to have a tight grip on their equipment and when it's time for some serious maintenance work. 

Here are a few common signs of heavy equipment wear to watch out for: 

heavy equipment

  • Vibration: If you notice excessive vibration while operating equipment, you might be dealing with anything from misaligned gears and belts to loose parts or an imbalance in a rotating component. While it might not seem too bad at first, the effects of vibration shouldn't be underestimated. Vibration will eventually cause further wear on your equipment and could even lead to a complete breakdown.
  • Fuel Inefficiency: Is your heavy equipment burning through fuel at an excessive rate? Engines with overworked or improperly maintained components tend to run less efficiently, so if operation costs are on the rise, you should look into how your machinery handles fuel. Track how often you’re refueling and make a note of any major spikes along the way.
  • Fluid Leaks: When your equipment starts leaking fluid, you know you've got a serious problem on your hands. There are a number of additional issues that can stem from these leaks, and the lack of proper lubrication will only damage your equipment further. Spend time and money on preventative fixes now, and you'll save on more extensive repairs, or even replacement, down the line.

Even if your heavy equipment appears to be running fine otherwise, there's no need to leave it with all that nasty wear and tear. Nip your problem in the bud with the expert work of Contractors' Equipment & Service — and line up some equipment rentals while your main machinery is in the shop. Head to their website for more information on their services, and call them at (808) 676-7566 to request your free repair estimate.