A career in construction means learning how to keep heavy equipment well-maintained and functional in all kinds of weather. Companies that use their machinery outdoors have to be on guard against rust and corrosion. Formed when metals react with water and oxygen, this type of decay can weaken tools and cause costly damage. Here are a few suggestions if you’re wondering how to preserve your machines.

4 Tips for Preventing Heavy Equipment Corrosion

1. Add a Protective Coating

Give your heavy machinery a rust-inhibitor coat to help its exposed surfaces shed water and dirt. These products can be easily applied since they come as a gel, liquid, or aerosol.

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Paint is another effective barrier against rust and oxygen decay. If you don't have any of these solutions on hand, apply a thin layer of vehicle wax to protect the equipment from corrosion.

2. Keep It Clean

Dirt attracts and holds moisture. When the liquid interacts with the oxygen in the surrounding air, it causes the metal beneath to erode. Spray the machine with water after each use to remove any mud and debris. Don't let it air dry—use compressed air to quicken the process and avoid further rusting.

3. Install a Dehumidifier

If you operate your machine outdoors, it'll accumulate moisture as it works. Any lingering moisture will raise the area's humidity, which can encourage metal corrosion. If you park the machine indoors, place a dehumidifier nearby to keep the air dry since rust can't form without the presence of water.

4. Inspect It Regularly

Rusted parts can unexpectedly fail on the job, which may delay a project and cause potential injuries. Check the machine monthly for signs of corrosive damage, such as orange flakes, small holes, or stiffening joints. If there's rust, take the machine to an experienced mechanic to address the issue.


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