Tree pruning is not only needed to keep trees looking beautiful, but also to keep them healthy. There are several different methods for tree pruning, most notably thinning out and topping, and which method you choose will affect the stability and growth of the tree. 


When topping, the tree is cut back all at once, with the top branches trimmed straight across or in a rounded shape. While topping quickly and uniformly reduces the height of a tree, which can be important when an immediate hazard is posed, it does have drawbacks. Topping makes large cuts that are slow to heal, increasing the risks of infection.

tree pruningTopping also removes many of the leaves, which are needed for the tree to absorb sunlight, stay healthy and grow. Trees that have been topped grow back in a characteristically different shape, with many small vertical branches sprouting from the trimmed areas. These branches tend to be weaker than those that have grown in a natural pattern.


Tree thinning is a healthier way to get an unruly oak or maple back under control. When thinning out a tree, an arborist selects branches to prune back all the way to their bases. This doesn’t reduce height all in one swoop, but it can make a tree less unwieldy, shortening it and removing hazardous branches. Trees pruned this way will grow back with a much more natural and beautiful shape. More importantly, they also tend to be healthier, with branches that are stronger and less likely to break.


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