Without the riding lawn mower, many landscapers and homeowners would find themselves in a world of trouble when it comes to cutting grass. While these powerful tools can make yard care a breeze, D & H Truck & Tractor of Statesboro, GA, reminds consumers that these vehicles aren’t for everyone. As such, the company encourages consumers to learn the pros and cons of riding lawn mowers before buying one.

Benefits Of Having A Riding Lawn Mower

If you’re covering a large lot of land, a riding lawn mower can make cutting grass simple. Since they work like cars, riding mowers can be operated with minimal effort, allowing any type of user to avoid the physical exertion that comes with pushing a mower. If you choose a high-quality riding mower, you’ll have a comfortable seat and possibly the option for umbrella coverage to block out the summer sun.

Another unique advantage of riding lawn mowers is the wide range of attachment options that come with them. While a standard push mower may only have a blade deck to cut grass, riding lawn mowers can usually be outfitted with add-ons that can help you spread grass seed, dethatch, and plow snow.

While riding lawn mowers may have a few features that take some time to learn, they offer better handling than the push-mower variety. This means that with a riding mower, you’ll have an easier time cutting grass on rough terrain and maintaining control of your speed.

Disadvantages Of Having A Riding Lawn Mower

The biggest disadvantage of a riding lawn mower is its high price tag. However, while these vehicles cost more upfront than a standard push mower, they offer a much higher return on investment—especially for professional landscapers.

riding lawn mowerRiding mowers with a typical steering wheel are easy to operate, but may have a hard time making clean turns. Models that have dual level steering, on the other hand, are a little trickier to operate, but offer greater versatility with a 360 degree turning radius. Although more costly, zero-turn mowers are favored for having the most effective operation in this product category.

Another potential downside to a riding lawn mower is the size. Before buying, it’s important to consider how it will fit through gates, be transported, and be stored. If you have extra room in a shed or a garage, you will likely have all the room you need.

If you want to learn more about the features of riding lawn mowers, check out the D & H Truck & Tractor product page to explore model specifics. If you have any questions about purchasing mowers or lawn mower parts, call this Statesboro agricultural equipment service at (912) 842-4333.