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About TrimCo Tree Experts

Top to stump tree care

The professional arborists at TrimCo Tree Experts offer a wide variety of services to Dothan, AL, clients, including tree pruning, stump grinding, and reliable tree removal. This qualified team of experts is skilled in ensuring both safety and efficiency when it comes to the treatment of your home’s outdoor space.

From overhanging branch removal to storm damage cleanup, they’re able to serve local residents and businesses when they need tree care the most. The arborists understand that communication is key, so they work hard alongside clients, letting them know the options available to them.

The TrimCo team is dedicated to maintaining the health of trees both large and small. The work they do requires years of training, in-depth knowledge, and  specialized equipment, which can be very dangerous to non-professionals. 

TrimCo Tree Experts offers a wide variety of services to clients in the Dothan, AL, area, including:


Tree Pruning: Tree pruning is important for the health and strength of your trees. With regular upkeep, your trees will maintain a beautiful shape and require less work in the future.

Stump Grinding: Not only are tree stumps displeasing to look at, they can be a safety hazard for you and your family. No stump is too large or small for the arborists at TrimCo Tree Experts.

Tree Removal: Sometimes, tree removal is required when a tree dies due to disease or obstructs the home. This team of qualified arborists can inform you of the health and life expectancy of your trees, removing them from your property when necessary.



For more information about the tree pruning and removal services offered by TrimCo Tree Experts, give them a call at (334) 791-2087 or visit their website today! 



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