Whether you’re rushing to get to work or enjoying a weekend ride, a car accident can occur when you least expect it. When the initial shock has subsided, your next actions will have a lasting impact on your personal injury case. Contact a car accident lawyer, to obtain sound advice regarding what you need to do to protect your rights.

3 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

1. Going Home

It’s no surprise that a collision can be unsettling, but you shouldn’t simply drive away afterward. You must stick around after a car accident. Not only is it against the law to leave the scene, but your presence could also be crucial to the aftermath of the incident. For example, if you’re gone, the other driver might accuse you of a hit-and-run, even if they told you they didn’t want to involve authorities or insurance companies. You’ll want to be around to provide your account of the accident to the police, as well as to take pictures and get the names and addresses of witnesses.

2. Apologizing to the Other Driver

car-accident-lawyer-Andalusia-ALAfter a car accident, you’ll want to approach the other driver to make sure they’re okay and to exchange insurance information. However, when you speak to them, watch your words. Saying you’re “sorry” for any aspect of the incident could be taken out of context and be construed as an admission of fault. Instead, keep your conversation short and direct when asking for their phone number, address, name, and insurance provider.

3. Forgoing Legal Representation

While your insurance company might claim to take care of every aspect of your car accident, you must remember that they might not have your best interests in mind; they’re likely hoping to pay you as little as possible. A car accident lawyer will investigate the collision in detail, collecting visual data and verbal statements from witnesses and submit the information to the insurance company. If the insurance company tries to shortchange you, your lawyer will fight to obtain the compensation you deserve.


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