Parking lot painting is essential for organization, safety, and compliance with state and federal regulations, such as disability access. If your business or property needs new pavement markings, you may be wondering how long you can expect the paint to last. Here is a brief guide to the basics. 

Factors That Affect Life Span 

Typically, parking lot painting applied by a professional lasts two or three years. However, a few factors can affect its life span.

One is the time of year the striping is applied. Summer is ideal, as paints are solvent-based and adhere better to the pavement in heat. 

The pavement condition can also factor in. Depending on the climate, foot and vehicle traffic, and maintenance, parking lots can be susceptible to issues like cracking and potholes. Repair and sealcoat your pavement beforehand to give the paint a smoother surface on which to adhere. 

parking-lot-paintingIf your lot hosts many heavy vehicles, such as commercial trucks, buses, or construction vehicles, the lines will experience more wear and tear than those in a lot that receives lighter traffic. In this case, the lines may last a number of months. With foot traffic only, you can expect the paint to last closer to two years.

How to Maintain It

Prevent degradation from sand and dirt by keeping the lot clean. Sweep it weekly and hose away debris after storms or when there is significant dirt, sand, or debris accumulation.

Also, ensure you use the appropriate protective measures. Concrete is susceptible to weathering and requires quality paint, while asphalt should be sealcoated.

After parking lot painting, keep all traffic off of the site for 30 minutes to allow time to dry. 


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