When you rely on a well for your private water supply, a functional well pump is essential to making sure your home has consistent plumbing. As the trusted plumber of Orange County, NY, A. Stevens Heating & Plumbing explains that a bad well pump can lead to several issues—including severe drops in water pressure or total loss of water.

well pumpFortunately, this plumbing company explains that there are a few ways homeowners can tell their well pump may need to be replaced. One of the earliest indicators, for example, can be found in your energy bill. Since failing pumps tend to run constantly, they require more power to keep water flowing to your home. As a result, your utility expenses will start increasing dramatically.

If your water pump isn’t working properly and has to run consistently, it will have difficulty directing water from the well to your home. When this happens, you may end up hearing a clicking or humming sound that signals a stressed motor. Any odd sounds you hear coming from the area should be addressed by a professional. 

You can also tell if your water pump is in trouble by checking the quality of water in your home. Water that drips slowly from the faucet when turned on completely could be an indication that your water pump isn’t pumping enough water to keep the pressure up. Although low water pressure is often a sign that the pump is failing, be aware that the problem may also be due to a bad or leaking pressure tank.

Although newer water pumps may be able to last about 25 years, older models that are in constant use may only last 10 years or so. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that at some point, these water well components do need to be replaced. When that time comes, it’s best to call a trusted contractor who has experience with these issues.

For well pump replacement in Orange County, there is no better contractor to call than A. Stevens Heating & Plumbing. As the community’s best plumbing company, you can trust that they will diagnose well issues accurately and offer quick, affordable solutions. To schedule service, call (845) 496-5903.