Infants as young as six months old should be having their first eye exam. However, this can be difficult when young children develop a fear of the eye doctor. There are ways to help them overcome this, however. Ala Moana EyeCare Associates is an elite optometrist on Honolulu, HI. Below, they share three tricks to soothe a fearful child.

How to Make Visiting the Eye Doctor Easy

1. Play at Home

New experiences are scary. If you want to lessen a child’s fear of the optometrist, act out the visits at home. Engage with your child and make it a fun experience. For example, you can have their favorite toy get an eye test. Or, have them pretend to be a doctor and give you a checkup. This will help them associate the eye doctor with fun memories.

2. Explain the Process 

eye doctorBefore the visit, sit down and have a conversation with your child. Clear away distractions to ensure they are listening. Take the time to explain everything that is going to happen using a light, cheerful tone. Your young one will feed off your energy and calm down if they sense you’re relaxed. Also, explain the importance of the visit and how it will benefit them. They may even be excited at the prospect of acquiring a stylish pair of glasses.

3. Be Encouraging

During the visit, stay with your young one throughout the process. Give a continuous stream of encouragement and praise. If they look at you with worried eyes, let them know that you are there for them, they are doing well, and that they are safe.

Children can overcome their fear of the eye doctor if you employ these simple tips. Looking for a pediatric optometrist on Oahu? Visit Ala Moana EyeCare Associates. Their staff is warm and friendly toward children, making it a comfortable atmosphere for all. The lead doctor, Dr. Janna Hara, has over 20 years experience working with young kids and making them feel safe. To schedule an appointment, call (808) 946-3937 today.