The tires of a semi-truck are part of the most important safety system on your long-haul vehicle. If they’re not properly cared for and replaced in a timely fashion, the truck can become unsafe to operate and cost both the driver and the trucking company losses in time and revenue. To help prevent that, Aaron's Semi Repair, the premier trailer and truck repair shop in Rock Springs, WY, explains below how often to replace the tires on your semi-truck. Their skilled, certified mechanics are the best in the business and are uniformly dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and the highest-quality parts and equipment in the area.

No Fixed Age Or Mileage Guidelines

Experts have not agreed upon any fixed guidelines for replacing semi-truck tires with regard to either mileage or age. Truck tires are designed and manufactured to withstand hard use, long drives, and varied environments, and they should easily last 100,000 miles or more. 

Change Tires When Treads Are Worn

Semi RepairIt’s important to replace tires that show signs of deep or unusual wear. Stick a penny between the threads; if Lincoln's whole face is visible, the tires need replacing. Additionally, if the tread wear indicator—flat bars running perpendicular to the thread—is visible, or if cracks appear in the side walls and the tires are bulging or blistered, it is likewise time to replace the tires for safety's sake. However, if you replace the tires on the right side of the axle, it is important to replace those on the left side as well, or you can suffer expensive damage to the differential.

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