Commercial HVAC units need to work extra efficiently to distribute warm or cool air throughout large, high-traffic spaces. Making sure your employees are comfortable ensures productivity and workplace satisfaction. If you’re in the market for a heater or air conditioner replacement for your commercial building, consider the following tips to help you choose the best option.

4 Tips for Choosing Commercial HVAC Units

1. Look for Efficiency

Your HVAC equipment can make a significant impact on your energy bills. To protect your company’s bottom line, look for a system that will heat and cool your space as efficiently as possible. Many modern appliances have improved their energy usage, but those that are ENERGY STAR® certified are the most efficient and will ensure the most savings.

2. Pick the Right Size

If the unit is too large for your building, it may short cycle, which uses extra energy and wears down the equipment prematurely. If it’s too small, the system will run constantly, and the space might not be able to reach an optimal comfort level.

Generally, a system should provide about one ton of heating or cooling per 500 square feet. This estimate can change depending on the location and layout of your building, so work with an HVAC contractor to calculate the exact size you need.

3. Find the Style That Works for Your Building

air conditioner replacementSome systems are better in certain situations than others. For example, a heat pump may be sufficient for a smaller space, while a central AC unit can work best in an open office. A mini-split system with different zone settings may work well for an office or hospitality center with multiple spaces that you may want to have different temperature settings.

4. Ensure Reliability

If you’re investing in a new system, you want it to last as long as possible. Also, if your system constantly requires repairs, your team will focus on those issues instead of their work duties.

Additionally, discomfort may lower morale or make customers and clients less likely to visit. Ask about the service life for each unit you’re considering, along with warranties and maintenance schedules to protect your investment.


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