The average heating and cooling system requires a professional air duct cleaning every three to five years. A lot of contaminants and debris settle in your duct system and create many problems in the home. A deep cleaning from an HVAC contractor is the only true way to clear these materials. Consider the following benefits of scheduling this service now.

Why You Should Book an Air Duct Cleaning

1. Better Air Quality

Dust mites, mold spores, dirt, rodent waste, and many other contaminants are found in ductwork. Allergens like pollen can trigger asthma attacks in some family members, while mold can cause flu-like reactions. They’re also a problem for those with respiratory conditions or autoimmune disorders. Ultimately, dirty air will continually circulate through your home.

An HVAC contractor will use a powerful vacuum system to remove this debris deep in your system. The result is improved air quality and a better-smelling home.

2. More Efficiency

hvac contractorThese contaminants will continually clog the air filters in the ductwork. Clogged filters restrict airflow, and your system will have to work harder to push cool or warm air through. The added stress will overload the blower and electrical system, requiring unexpected repairs or cutting into the heating and cooling unit’s lifespan.

3. Saving

Restricted airflow and overworking leads to energy waste and higher bills. Grime may also wear down the ductwork and deteriorate seams. Your home will be less cool because of air leaks and also waste energy. Utility bills can skyrocket when the temperature drops or climbs outside. If you notice a sudden spike, have an HVAC contractor inspect the unit and determine if a duct cleaning can resolve the issue.


If you’re ready to schedule a duct cleaning, contact Kool-Wave Air Conditioning & Heating in Mohave County, AZ. These professionals repair residential and commercial systems and offer a variety of heating and air conditioning services. Start exploring their replacement services on their website or call (928) 855-5665 to schedule air conditioner repairs.