If you own or manage an office space, the health and comfort of your workers are likely among your top priorities. Good indoor air quality can significantly impact employee productivity, potentially increasing sales, boosting customer satisfaction, and keeping loyal staff members. Use this guide to learn more about the connection between indoor air quality and productivity and how a heating and cooling contractor can help your business.

4 Ways Indoor Air Quality Improves Productivity 

1. Fewer Sick Days

Indoor air contains mold spores, dust mites, and pollen that can cause allergy flareups, asthma attacks, and upper respiratory illnesses. Additionally, it may contain harmful microbes such as bacteria and viruses that cause sinus infections and colds. Air purifiers can remove microscopic impurities to prevent illnesses from spreading, which means fewer employee sick days and work disruptions.

2. Employee Comfort

Damp air feels sticky and makes your workers feel uncomfortable and unproductive at the office. It can also create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, resulting in musty odors and health risks. Dehumidifiers and proper ventilation will boost air quality to improve comfort and make workers feel more motivated to complete tasks.

3. Improved Cognition

heating and cooling contractorsOffice spaces with poor air quality typically contain high levels of carbon dioxide, which diminishes brain function. Well-ventilated work environments reduce carbon dioxide levels and increase performance on cognitive tasks by up to 27%. In addition to having a heating and cooling contractor install an air purifier, adding indoor plants can eliminate excessive carbon dioxide to improve cognition. 

4. Better Mood

Air pollution can cause changes in the brain that contribute to depression. Employees in low spirits often struggle to complete tasks on time and maintain engaging interactions with clients. Good air quality will put your team in a better mood, allowing them to conduct business efficiently and attract loyal customers.


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