Clogged sinks and drains are a common occurrence in every household. However, clogs don't have to be quite so common if you take some preventative measures. Here's how to avoid needing a plunger so often. 

A Brief Guide to Preventing Clogs

1. Brush Hair Before Bathing

If anyone in the family has long hair, you know how quickly the tub drain can clog. Even if you regularly clean hair from the drain, plenty of strands will still make their way down and get stuck to soap scum in the pipes. Make sure everyone—even those with short hair–brush for a few minutes before showering. You should also use a drain guard that is made to catch hair and clean it out on a regular basis. 

clogged sink

2. Use a Drain Guard

Letting chunks of food down the kitchen sink will inevitably cause it to clump together and form a clog in the drain. A drain guard, grate, or screen is a great tool to place over the drain in order to catch anything that isn't’ liquid from going down the drain. Scrape off any large chunks of food into the garbage before putting dishes in the sink. 

Remember that fat, oil, and grease are liquids that might pass through, but these shouldn’t be poured into the drain. They will solidify inside the pipes once they've cooled, creating a clogged sink. Instead, pour them into an empty container and place them in the trash. 

3. Don’t Use Chemical Cleaners

While chemical cleaners may unclog your drain temporarily, they can also corrode your pipes due to the acid in them. Corroded pipes are more likely to collect pieces of debris passing through and cause more frequent clogs in the plumbing. Instead, have a professional deal with the clog to keep everything moving smoothly through the pipes. 

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