When it comes to purchasing properties, it’s imperative to know the lay of the land. Civil engineers can conduct land surveys that not only give you an accurate depiction of your plot, but also provide essential technical details that can be applied in a multitude of ways. Imata & Associates in Honolulu, Hawaii, offers experienced land surveying and engineering services to help you better understand your property and prepare for planned construction or land remodeling with confidence.

Civil Engineers List 5 Reasons Why You Need a Land Survey

1. Preparing for Construction

In the same way you consult with architects and structural engineers on a building design, you also need to consult civil engineers on a piece of land’s potential. Land surveys can optimize construction placement and preparation so the work can begin without any issues.

2. Ensuring Accurate Boundaries

It’s unwise to “eyeball” a new plot of land, as this often provides inaccurate measurements. A proper land survey can provide definite property boundaries to help you better plan for construction management teams, as well as save you the trouble of property line disputes with current or future neighbors.

3. Determining Value

engineerProperty value can be under- or overestimated without an accurate land survey. By hiring civil engineers for a proper consultation, you can fully understand your purchase and its worth based on the location, hardscape, and landscape details.

4. Understanding Topography

Before purchasing a property, it’s essential to understand the topographical details. Engineers conducting land surveys can detect soil and structural issues, determine if the area is prone to flooding, and get an accurate depiction of the plot so its construction potential can be correctly realized. This will protect you from disasters that might push back or halt construction.

5. Dividing Properties

Landowners may want to begin parceling plots to separate business owners for commercial and residential purposes. A land survey can help accurately divide the property into predetermined sections that can then be correctly priced and handed over without any inaccuracies.

Hiring professional civil engineers to conduct land surveys will not only help you avoid any pre- or post-construction issues, but, more importantly, it will also give you a thorough snapshot of your property. This can help you save time and money, as well as benefit the construction and architectural teams you’ve hired for other aspects of the project. Imata & Associates offers a variety of surveying and engineering services. Visit their website and give them a call at (808) 946-6588 to schedule a consultation today.