Technology is everywhere in modern society. Even garage door openers are seeing innovative improvements. The guide below looks at some trending features for your own home to enhance its security and make life more convenient.

3 Ways Garage Doors Have Adapted to the Modern Era

1. Voice Activation

Voice control technology has been gaining popularity—with people routinely asking their phones to answer a text message for them or ordering their home device to play music or control the lights. The same concept is now being applied to garage door openers—so they can be operated with a simple command to Google® or Alexa®. If you’re used to struggling to open the door while your hands are laden with groceries or take-home projects from work, this could help out immensely.

2. Remote Access

garage door openerWhile you might be used to opening your garage from your driveway using a remote control, recently, this power has been taken to a whole new level. Your door is now controllable by an app on your smartphone no matter how many miles away you are. This means, the next time the kids forget their keys, you can grant them access to the house anyway.

3. Added Surveillance

To keep your family and belongings safe, some garage door opener set-ups also double as security systems to give you an extra set of eyes on your property. This allows you to view who is approaching your garage—or attempting to enter it—from your phone. Some also feature color and night vision, as well as audio and clip storage for recorded footage.


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