A toothache should send you running to your emergency dentist, but if you have to wait for an appointment, you're stuck with a sore, aching tooth in the meantime. Fortunately, there are several ways to relieve your discomfort. The dentists of AA Windward Dental Group in Kaneohe, HI, recommend the following simple treatments to keep tooth pain under control.

Dentists’ Top Tips for Dealing With Toothache Pain

1. Saltwater Rinse

DentistStart with a cup of warm water, and mix it with ordinary table salt. Then, swish this mixture through your mouth, concentrating on the affected area. Not only can saltwater help reduce pain, but it may also dislodge any food debris that is contributing to the problem.

2. Ice Pack

Like many maladies involving pain and swelling, the discomfort of a toothache can be reduced with an ice pack. Hold the pack against your cheek or jaw over the affected area to soothe away pain.

3. Over-the-Counter Medications

Simple aspirin or ibuprofen will help you cope with discomfort until your dentist has the chance to prescribe something else. Do not place the medicine directly on the affected area; instead, swallow it as directed on the packaging.

4. Sensitive Toothpaste

Teeth cleaning products designed for sensitive teeth often contain components that can numb tooth pain. When you brush, do so carefully and gently with a sensitive toothpaste to prevent unnecessary discomfort.

5. Painful Stimuli

You may find your toothache gets worse while chewing or when your tooth is exposed to a temperature change. Identifying and avoiding these triggers can keep pain under control and prevent the problem from growing worse until you can see a dentist.

The best cure for a toothache is to visit a dentist as soon as possible. To make an urgent appointment with AA Windward Dental Group, call them today at (808) 247-4118, or send them a request online.