As a Kentucky steel supplier for more than 30 years, M.C. Steel and Crane Service has witnessed a tremendous growth in the use of steel beams in residential construction. Steel offers plenty of advantages over traditional wood beams, including faster installation, eco-friendly composition, and a lighter profile. With these benefits—and many more—steel can serve many purposes in homebuilding projects.

Considering how steel fabrication shops can produce beams to fit precise specifications, they can be adapted to nearly any type of frame design. And since they are delivered to a home construction site already fabricated, builders can erect steel frames in a relatively short amount of time. These advantages can allow for more flexibility, giving homeowners the potential to create a truly unique living space.

steelIn addition to the general frame of a home, steel beams make an exception choice for ceiling beams. Lighter than wood, steel beams do not place as much stress on the underlying structure. At the same time, steel can support heavier loads than wood, giving builders the opportunity to use fewer beams in roof construction. This additional space has many advantages, such as providing more room for insulation to create an energy-efficient roof.

When it comes to framing interior walls, steel beams can often be a solid choice over all-wood options. Since fewer beams are needed to support overhead weight, there can be greater flexibility in how rooms are arranged. Additionally, the beams provide ample room for insulation, electrical wires, and other utilities.

Although steel prices are typically higher than the cost of wood, the material may provide a better return on your investment. For one, since steel beams allow for faster construction, you can save more money on contractor services. Long-term savings are also a benefit, as steel can lower your home insurance rates and requires less maintenance over the years.

If you want to buy steel in Kentucky for your home construction project, M.C. Steel and Crane Service is a trusted resource for this essential construction material. As a comprehensive steel fabrication shop, these specialists are not only able to provide shearing, cutting, and beam splitting services, but they also offer complete priming and galvanizing to further protect your construction materials. To learn more or request an estimate, contact this Newport, KY steel supplier at (859) 781-8600 or visit them online.