Every construction and landscaping project begins from the ground up; before pouring any concrete or laying down sod, sometimes the existing ground needs to be primed. This is especially true for grounds that have a significant slope to them. In order to remedy this, the experts at LaSalle Sand & Gravel in Kalispell, MT, begin their projects with excavation and land grading. 

These essential preparatory methods create room for construction and smooth over the shape and structure of naturally sloping grounds, creating a blank, even canvas to build upon. Uneven ground can be exceedingly difficult to work with, not to mention create drainage problems.

excavationExcavation is the first step to any construction job because it clears space for the project. For example, a developer looking into a piece of land for a shopping center will need to empty out the area for everything that's going to be built. The same applies for smaller, residential projects; if you want an in-ground swimming pool, you’ll need to hollow out a portion of what lies beneath.

After excavation comes land grading. This is the process of creating an ideal working surface by reshaping and leveling the ground. As mentioned earlier, drainage is a significant problem that usually accompanies sloped grounds. Natural slopes can force rainwater to flow towards your home or property and settle there, which can cause damage to the foundation. Because of this risk, land grading must be done with precision. Although this can take a bit of time, it’s worth it to have a solid base that can support whatever is built on top.

If you have a project and want to begin it the right way, choose the specialists at LaSalle Sand & Gravel. With 15 years of experience, they'll complete their job with accuracy and efficiency. Call them today at (406) 756-9070 or visit their website for more details.