As important as greenery is to a successful landscape, well-laid gravel also has a valuable role to play. With some guidance from a top stone supplier, you’ll be better equipped to design interesting landscaping for your home. Serving Kalispell, MT, LaSalle Sand & Gravel has become known as the region’s most trusted stone company. Whether you’re looking for ornamental rocks or washed stone, the pros will help you achieve your dream space. 

Using gravel for a path through your landscaping is often a nice touch, but you’ll find it in almost every backyard. Here are three less conventional ways of incorporating gravel in your design: 

  • gravelCreate a Zen Garden: Choose an area of your backyard a short distance away from your home and lay down a rectangular bed of gravel. While you can still surround the area with greenery, it will be peaceful to just let the gravel be, creating a small Zen garden with a few aesthetic boulders. Family members can come to the spot for contemplation and quiet. 
  • Use for Mulch: Gravel makes a surprisingly useful mulch layer. It allows the soil to retain moisture while also preventing the development of troublesome weeds. The rocks also have an aesthetic appeal, providing a pleasant contrast with your plants. 
  • Install a River Bed: Since not everyone has a stream that runs right through their backyard, it can be nice to add a bed of stones near the border of your house. A winding shape will please the eye, while placing the stones underneath your downspouts will both help divert the water and create temporary beautiful streams of your own. 

As you plan your landscaping, reach out to LaSalle Sand & Gravel to secure high quality gravel. You can discuss your specific needs by calling (406) 756-9070 and learn more about the company by visiting their website