Whether you're renovating your backyard or crafting long driveways and walkways, knowing the details of how many landscaping rocks to purchase will cut your costs and labor hours. Many times, too much of a product results in the inconvenience of returning or selling the remainder. As you begin your outdoor project, here are the components to consider when planning the landscaping details.  

What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing Landscaping Rocks? 

The main factors to consider are the area, depth, and environment you want the materials to cover before choosing landscaping rocks. If you use landscaping rocks in your backyard, place a barrier around them to keep the landscaping and lawnmowers safe from pebbles. These materials can ruin and kill grass when it remains on the lawn for too long. Rocks can also bend and dent mower blades. Gravel also dulls lawnmower blades quicker.

How to Calculate a Space's Area and Depth


The depth establishes how deep the rock will be, while the area covers the square footage of your project. To find an area's square footage, measure the length and width of the entire section and multiply these numbers. 

An essential aspect to deciding the depth of your project's rock coverage is choosing between the type of rock you want and determining the desired depth of the material. Rock size may be an aesthetic choice or a functional one, but it will impact the depth of the rocks. A common rock size depth is two inches. However, a project can require up to eight inches for larger stones. A professional can best determine which rocks fit your needs for your project and how much material you will need to successfully cover your project's square footage.



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