During the fall season, many homeowners undertake several tasks around their property—from raking leaves to pulling out weeds— to prepare for the winter. However, it’s also crucial to schedule roofing services as well to ensure that your home’s first line of defense stands strong throughout the colder months. Below are three roofing tasks to take care of this fall. 

3 Roofing Tasks to Include on Your To-Do List 

1. Get a Roof Inspection

Homeowners can gain peace of mind by scheduling a roofing service team to assess their house before winter. During these inspections, technicians closely look at the home’s exterior for issues such as loose or broken shingles, which can lead to leaks in the attic, and damaged flashing. They’ll address these problems before the winter by adding more flashing to mitigate roof leaks and costly heat escape.

2. Clean the Gutters Regularly

roofing servicesHomeowners must stay on top of gutter leaf removal during autumn. When the gutters become clogged with debris, they can overflow, sending water over the sides and down the walls of the house. This mishap can drown landscaping below and create leaks and flooding inside the house. Additionally, when the temperature drops, leaves may cause ice dams that can damage the gutters and even pull them off the roof.

Consider installing gutter guards. These unique systems prevent leaves and sticks from entering the gutters by covering the piping while still allowing precipitation to flow through them and away from the home. With guards, you won’t have to clean the gutters every few weeks during the fall.

3. Trim Branches

Fall is an excellent time to trim tree branches because they go dormant once they lose their leaves. Trim off dead or dying branches and any parts that could fall on the roof. This simple step will help you prevent roof storm damage when it starts to snow and get icy outside. Frozen precipitation can build up on trees and become heavy, causing the branches to fall and crash on the roof if they’re not trimmed.



Homeowners looking to repair or replace their roof this autumn should contact M&J Roofing in New Haven County, CT. They’ll address issues with the gutters, chimney flashing, and shingles to ensure your home is ready to tackle the winter. Visit their website to browse their gallery or call the roofing service company at (203) 754-3820 to schedule an appointment.