Steel comes in a variety of grades and thicknesses, or gauges. That’s why the correct steel for one building project might be wrong for another. To help you find the right type, Mid Pacific Steel is here. As a registered Butler Builder®, they’re the most reliable steel sales and distribution company serving Honolulu, HI, and surrounding areas. Use their guidelines on various materials below, and you can avoid costly mistakes on contracts:

Steel Gauge, or Thickness

steel-salesStainless, galvanized, and sheet steel come in gauges between one and 38. Unlike other metals, the higher the gauge of the steel, the thinner the steel is. Stainless steel is the most common type for buildings and can be purchased in gauges ranging from a fraction of an inch to three inches thick. 

Most buildings will use gauges in the teens and twenties. The thinnest gauges are pliable, so while they’re useful for insulation, they would never be used in frames or support structures. Thicker steel is needed for buildings in areas prone to corrosion, strong winds, rock falls, or avalanches.

Type 304: The Building Standard

Type 304 is a sturdy gauge of steel that will work fantastically in most environments, and it’s not too thin or too thick. It’s corrosion-resistant and sturdy without being too heavy. For highly corrosive environments, however, a different type of steel is required.

Type 316 for High Corrosion

Whether due to ice-melting salts, seaside locations, or exposure to harsh chemicals, corrosion-prone areas require Type 316 steel. The alloy in this steel uses metal ratios that render it more resistant than Type 304. It will rust less, and acidic conditions won’t wear it down as quickly.

For steel sales in Honolulu and beyond, Mid Pacific Steel can help get your contract finished under budget and on time. They strive to ship every order ahead of schedule, so whether you need aluminum, copper, or steel sheets, partner with a local company that makes you their top priority. Discuss your building project with a rep at (808) 839-0606.