If you’re comparing flavor, pre-packaged bread from a grocery store can’t stand up to freshly made bread from a bakery. However, there are also many health benefits in freshly baked bread. Pritzl’s Trading Post, the family-owned grocery store and bakery in Nekoosa, WI, offers a wide selection of high-quality deli meats, baked goods, and groceries. They are here to discuss everything you need to know about the nutritional advantages of freshly baked bread.

3 Health Benefits of Buying Fresh Bread From a Bakery

bread bakery1. Low in Sodium

Consuming too much sodium can lead to a variety of health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, or stroke. One of the main benefits of shopping at a bread bakery is that freshly baked bread is typically lower in sodium than the pre-packaged alternatives, which contain large amounts of salt to extend their shelf life.

2. No Preservatives

In addition to sodium, pre-packaged bread often contains ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup preservatives and preservatives. Not only do these have an unhealthy amount of saturated fat, but consuming these ingredients can have a negative impact on your heart health over time.

3. Whole Grain Bread

Freshly baked whole grain bread contains a healthy amount of fiber, which helps to improve your digestion and prevent diseases such as diabetes and inflammations. Whole grains also offer nutrients and proteins, while bleached flour has minimal health benefits.

If you’re looking for fresh bakery items and a variety of cheeses and meats to pair with them, stop by Pritzl's Trading Post in Nekoosa, WI. The locally-owned grocery store also offers a wide selection of hunting supplies, outdoor sporting equipment, and home and garden products. To speak with a store associate, call (715) 325-2281. Visit their website for more information about their inventory, daily specials, and store hours.