Hard as it may be to believe, winter is just around the corner. To ensure your property looks great all year long, it pays to perform some basic lawn care steps in preparation for the season. Landscape maintenance is an important task this time of year, but it doesn’t need to be a difficult one.

What Does Winter Lawn Care Involve?

Summer tends to be dry, making the fall a great time to reseed and aerate your lawn. Doing so will ensure that it thrives come spring.

Start by raking away any leaves and mowing the grass until it’s about an inch high. This will make lawn aeration much easier and it will help you determine how much compost to use.

lawn carePick a day when the soil is a little bit moist to aerate the lawn. If you don’t have the equipment for this, get in touch with a landscape maintenance company in your area to see if they can do the job for you.

After it’s done, check your yard for areas where the grass is sparse. In these spots, add a half-inch layer of compost, then distribute fertilizer wherever necessary. It’s a good idea to use a rotary spreader for this task.

Once you’ve fertilized the lawn, fill your rotary spreader with grass seed and apply seed to any area where you applied compost. From there, you should rake the seed in with the compost to ensure that it’s evenly distributed. Afterward, water these spots lightly once a day until it gets too cold to do so.

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