Part of caring for an older family member is ensuring they take their medication according to their doctor's instructions. This can be challenging if your loved one must take multiple prescriptions each day, as there's a greater risk of missing a dose. In addition to getting help from a home care professional, here are a few methods to ensure your loved one maintains optimum health and wellness.

How to Organize a Family Member's Medication

1. Use a Pill Organizer

A pill organizer is simple, affordable, and effective. It provides a visual reminder of which pills should be taken each day to prevent confusion. In addition to being organized by day, it can also contain smaller compartments if your loved one takes pills at different hours. Set aside time on Sunday for refilling the pill organizer to ensure it's ready for the coming week. 

2. Keep Medications in One Place

It's best to keep all medications, vitamins, and supplements in one location. Excluding medicines that require refrigeration, most pills should be kept in an area of the home that isn't subject to fluctuating temperatures and relatively protected from moisture. 

Avoid the kitchen and bathroom in favor of storage in the living room, dining room, or bedroom. If possible, place medication and pill organizers in a highly visible area, such as on a dresser or bookshelf. 

3. Schedule Auto-Refills


You should also have a plan in place for monthly refills. While you can pay attention to the number of pills that are left when refilling the organizer, there are other ways to remind yourself. 

Some pharmacies offer the option of auto-refills, which can provide an alert to you when a new prescription is ready. Delivery to your loved one's home might also be an option, in which case you can know they'll never miss a dose. 


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