If your senior parent, grandparent, or loved one lives by themselves, it’s natural to worry about their safety. Whether they have limited mobility or their living space is very small, there are several hazards that can cause them to trip and fall. Fortunately, you can help prevent falls by taking on the following tasks to improve their home care.

How to Help Seniors Avoid Falls 

1. Clear Common Spaces

Many falls are caused by crumpled rugs, loose power cords, or cluttered hallways and floors. To prevent falls caused by these issues, go through the house and clear common spaces. Remove floor clutter such as potted plants, rugs, and clothes. If you want to keep a rug for better traction, place a rug pad underneath it to prevent it from sliding and make sure all corners are tightly secured to the pad.  

2. Add Extra Lighting

home careFalls are easier when visibility is impaired, so make sure their home is bright and easy to view properly. Add extra lighting around stairs, doorways, bathrooms, in the kitchen, and their bedroom. While you can always purchase peel-and-stick lighting, hard-wired lights won’t need battery replacements and may offer more illumination, so speak with a contractor to install these fixtures around the home.

3. Encourage Shoe Wearing 

Shoes can help prevent slip and falls, especially if your loved one usually wears socks around the house. Ask the home care nurse to put shoes or slippers with strong traction on your family member every morning to prevent an unwanted fall. Additionally, purchase socks with grip strips on the bottom so they can walk comfortably. 



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