Many people rely on medication every day to cope with existing conditions, reduce pain, and improve their overall wellness. If you’re a senior, you may have several prescriptions to remember, some of which may be necessary for serious conditions. Luckily, there are some easy ways to manage your at-home health care. Here are a few tips for remembering to take your medication. 

How to Remind Yourself to Take Your Pills

1. Tie Medications to a Daily Routine

Whether you go on a walk every morning with a neighbor or like to read the morning paper, connect your medication to that task. For instance, take the pills on the way out the door for your walk, or take them before fetching the morning paper. This simple health care trick makes this important task easier to remember.

2. Get a Pillbox

health carePillboxes have the days of the week inscribed on the top of each compartment, representing a day’s dosage of pills. Smaller pillboxes may hold a few days or a week of medication. Some larger boxes hold up to a month’s worth of pills. With a stocked pillbox, you can easily see whether or not you’ve taken your medication, taking the guesswork out of the task. 

3. Create Electronic Reminders 

Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop regularly, create daily digital alarms to remind you to take the medication. Don’t snooze the alarm until consuming the medicine so that you don’t forget. Having electronic reminders can also help you track when you’ve taken the medicine, which may be helpful when talking with health care providers. 


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