What type of dental crown is best for your patient? Whether you've been in practice for decades or you're just getting your feet wet in the profession, staying up-to-date with technological advancements in the industry will ensure your continued success as a dentist. In order to understand the options available to you and your patients, Sabra Dental Studios in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, suggests familiarizing yourself with the differences between PFM, e.max® crowns, and zirconia crowns.

PFM, or a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, is a type of dental crown applied to a damaged tooth that needs structural reinforcement. While PFMs are known for their strength of the metal substructure, they're not as desirable as e.max crowns, because they have an opaque level layer, which reduces the aesthetic appeal depending on the amount of applied ceramics.

The e.max crowns are made of a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and praised for being the best type of dental crown available on the market today. The e.max dental crown is the ultimate in metal-free esthetics and durability, offering high-strength materials for both the PRESS and the CAD/CAM technique. Not only do they provide clients with a strength of 380-400 Mpa, but they're translucent in color, making them more natural looking. But on the negative side, they are difficult to block out darker prepped teeth. It has no metal alloy base, so it does not affect the aesthetics around the gum line. The crown is long-lasting, strong, and less prone to fractures when compared to other traditional crown types. When compared to zirconia crowns, an e.max crown is less likely to get chipped. In fact, at Sabra Dental Studios, their technicians can create e.max crowns identical to anyone's original teeth. 

Zirconia is a long-lasting, indestructible crystal form. It has great strength and durability, and one of its applications is for patients who grind their teeth. Zirconia has a strength of 800-1200 Mpa. Patients are least likely to develop an allergic reaction to zirconia, so it is considered a safe option when compared to porcelain fused to metal crowns.

Zirconia crown is monolithic but long lasting, easy to wear and much more durable when compared to other crowns. Zirconia material is getting more translucent today, which will blend well with the natural teeth color, providing a pleasing appearance. It requires minimal tooth preparation, preserving most of the original tooth substance, which is also favorable while removing the crown. Hence, zirconia crowns are an ideal option to cover up stained teeth, and they have the capability to block out dark colored prepped teeth and restore the tooth function.

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