A basement provides an excellent place for storage and activities, but it is more susceptible to water damage than the rest of the property. This is because it is either partially or fully underground, allowing moisture in the soil to infiltrate the home and affect the foundation. Over time, this can create cracks and deformities that require comprehensive foundation repairs. Here are several early warnings of water intrusion so that you can avoid or minimize the damage.

What Are Early Signs of Basement Water Damage?

1. Mold Growth

Mold thrives in dark, damp places, making the basement the perfect environment. This fungus can be white, green, and black. If you’re searching for it in the basement, check areas that do not receive much use, such as in corners and behind appliances. Also, pay attention to any musty smells or increased allergy symptoms when you enter the basement, as these issues can tip you off to growth before you see it. Without prompt waterproofing, the mold spores can spread throughout the home and cause uncomfortable respiratory symptoms for you and your loved ones.

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2. Cracks

If you notice cracks in the walls or on the floor, water might be shifting the ground around the home. This occurs when the property doesn't drain water effectively, allowing the moisture to erode the soil beneath the foundation. This places excess pressure on the structure.

While hairline cracks might not cause immediate issues, they can grow wider and compromise the structural integrity of the home. This requires immediate foundation repairs to prevent walls from shifting and collapsing.

3. Changing Floor

Depending on the type of basement floor you have, it may shift when exposed to constant moisture. For example, if you have hardwood over the concrete, the planks can absorb water, causing them to swell and create a humped appearance. Alternatively, water may wash away the subsurface beneath the concrete, creating a dip in the room that the floor will fall inside. Whenever you notice a shift in the floor, schedule prompt repairs to avoid extensive damage and flooding.


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