High-mileage vehicles — over 200,000 or more miles on the motor — usually experience more issues, require more car repairs, and become less reliable. However, they can help reduce the amount you pay for a newer vehicle by serving as a trade-in. Get the most out of your older car by following these three tips. 

What to Know About Trading in Your High-Mileage Vehicle

1. Research Market Value

Before heading to the dealership, take time to figure out what you're working with by evaluating the market. Start by checking estimates on pricing websites, like Kelly Blue Book®, and then research similar listings in your area. 

A dealer's offer will automatically be lower than what they plan to list it at, and any defects will lower the potential market value. However, determining a potential range ahead of time ensures that you don't get taken advantage of during negotiations. 

2. Complete Minor Car Repairs

car repairs

A trade-in offer reflects any work and time that the vehicle needs before they can sell it. For that reason, you might score a higher amount by handling any minor car repairs before selling. 

Larger fixes, like a new paint job, are unlikely to balance out financially, but smaller changes are often cost-effective when compared to possible trade-in increases. Additionally, give the vehicle a full vacuum, shampoo, and wash before heading in to put its best face forward. 

3. Get Multiple Offers

Competition is key to getting the most out of your high-mileage vehicle. Request a trade-in offer from at least two different dealers and use the details to negotiate a better rate. If the offers aren't even in your desired ballpark, consider selling the car yourself. There are multiple online platforms that allow private sellers to list their vehicles for free or for a small fee. 

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