From centerpieces to wreaths, flowers and greenery are a key part of holiday decor. And while poinsettias are a seasonal staple, they aren’t the only way to adorn your home with festive plants. Below are some creative poinsettia alternatives to add to your flower arrangements this holiday season.

Creative Poinsettia Alternatives

1. White Pine

Pine trees are symbols of the season, and you can upgrade your holiday decor by using pine fronds in your flower arrangements. You can arrange the pine sprigs in a vase as an elegant centerpiece or fashion them into a garland for your banister. They’re also perfect for door hangers, since they can withstand the cold. Your guests will enjoy the deep green color and the pleasant pine smell. 

2. English Holly

flower arrangementThis delicate wintergreen is perfect for filling in garlands and wreaths. You can also use longer cuttings in flower arrangements. English holly features waxy and angular leaves, as well as bushels of berries. Keep in mind that this plant lasts for about a week indoors, so it’s usually best to purchase it a few days before entertaining.

3. Christmas Cactus

A Christmas cactus is a classic holiday plant that looks great in any home. Pink-red flowers cover the plant while it blooms, adding color to any room this season. This holiday botanical will also last in your home all year long, blooming again next year. You can use this plant on your end tables, as a centerpiece, or even as a gift for your guests. 

4. Roses

White and red roses add sophistication to any floral arrangement, making them delicate alternatives to poinsettias. You can purchase a whole arrangement with pine sprigs and pinecones to use as a centerpiece. Vases with roses are another great way to decorate your home for a holiday party, and roses are always a thoughtful hostess gift. 



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