Almost every aspect of modern life depends on petroleum, which makes everything from combustion engines to shampoo bottles possible. Oil fields are where the raw materials of the modern world are extracted, through oil wells that pull these reserves from deep within the Earth. This process is itself a major technological achievement, requiring an assortment of specialized oil field equipment designed specifically for this critical industry.

4 Types of Common Oil Field Equipment

1. Oil Field Trucks

Trucks are the workhorses of the oil field, built to perform a variety of special functions. Some of the most common include winch trucks, which are designed to move heavy objects with a powerful winch, and vacuum trucks, outfitted with tanks for moving liquids and sludge.

2. Drilling Rigs

A drilling rig is one of the largest pieces of equipment on any oil field. These towers are used to bore down into the earth to reach the oil reserves, and may either be permanent or mounted on the back of a truck.

3. Solids Control Equipment

oil field equipmentThis category includes a broad array of equipment and devices intended to remove debris and sediment from the oil, including de-gassers, centrifuges, and de-sanders. Solids control equipment allows some of the processing to be done on-site.

4. Well Control Equipment

Safety equipment and other devices that control the flow of oil are considered well control equipment. Closing units, kill manifolds, and blowout preventers allow workers to stop or close the well in case of an accident, ensuring that oil extraction is as clean and safe as possible.



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