Using a laundromat can save a lot of time on washing day, since you will have many washers and dryers at your disposal and can run several clothing loads at once. But making a list and packing your bag or baskets in advance can also save you time—nobody wants to have to drive all the way back home because they forgot something! The following are seven things to put on your list before your next trip to the laundromat.

7 Important Items to Take to the Laundromat

1. Detergent

Of course you can always buy a small amount of detergent from the coin-operated dispenser many laundromats have available, but you’ll save quite a bit of money by bringing your own regular-size container from home.

2. Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets

If you choose to use these items when you do laundry, add them to your list for the same reasons you bring your own detergent—you’ll save money, and you can also be sure to have your favorite brand on hand.

3. Laundry Baskets With Separated Clothes

Separating your clothing at home by colors or fabric types will save you a lot of time at the laundromat. You’ll arrive with your laundry ready to go right into the machines and shorten your laundromat stay.

4. Mesh Garment Bags

Placing your undergarments in a mesh bag will help to avoid stretched straps and damaged hooks. You’ll also eliminate lost socks by placing pairs together in a garment bag.

5. Spare Change or Cash

laundromatIt never hurts to have some change on hand just in case you realize you forgot the detergent or dryer sheets. If you get hungry, some change or cash might come in handy for the snack machine or to use at a deli or convenience store near your laundromat.

6. Snack or Beverage

Bring your own healthy snack or beverage from home to guarantee you won’t go hungry if there isn’t a snack machine or store nearby. Stay hydrated with water or another healthy drink.

7. Entertainment

Almost everyone carries a cell phone, which can provide entertainment via social media, contact with friends and more. But for a pleasant break from routine while you do your laundry, try bringing a book, magazine, or tablet with a challenging game or brain teasing activity to pass the time. Before you know it, your wash will be done!


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