Maintaining your yard and landscaping during the growing season requires constant attention and plenty of water. While you can head out to the garden to water each plant by hand, it’s far easier to let an automated lawn irrigation system keep your plants hydrated. The Sprinkler Connection in Pittsford, NY, has helped residents of Monroe County take care of their yards for over 30 years. Before you schedule an installation, their team wants to help you better understand the main components of your sprinkler system.

Water Source

All irrigation systems need a steady water source. This water source, whether from a well or your municipal water supply, is monitored by your home’s water meter and protected by a backflow prevention system. This keeps the water used in your garden from flowing back up the pipes and into your home. Regardless of the size or type of lawn irrigation system you have, water will flow from your water source through in-ground pipes to reach the sprinkler heads or drip lines throughout your garden.


Lawn irrigation systemEvery automated lawn irrigation or sprinkler system has a central controller box that triggers the system to run as needed. Each controller box also houses a timer, which allows you to set the watering schedule for your yard. The box sends an electrical signal through the system that powers the sprinkler heads and allows them to water your yard when the timer goes off. Some controllers are equipped with rain sensors to keep you from accidentally over-watering your yard.

Sprinkler Heads

Not all yards have the same type of sprinkler heads or irrigation system. Some use a drip line to constantly maintain moisture in the soil while others are equipped with rotary sprinkler heads that send water onto the tops of your plants, much like rain. The type of system will depend on the size of your yard and the unique needs of your landscaping. Each sprinkler head type will work differently to provide even watering across your yard.

Whether you need an experienced team to help with sprinkler installation at your home or need a sprinkler repair service before spring is in full swing, The Sprinkler Connection can help. Visit their website to learn more about their irrigation systems and call (585) 398-3960 to schedule a service appointment.