With kids’ constant exposure to ever-evolving electronics, it’s easy to assume that children are difficult to entertain. However, magic tricks are one of the most effective ways to stir the imagination and curiosity of young minds. If you’re looking for a way to spice up spice up your kids’ parties, try a few of these simple illusions.

5 Tricks Your Kids Will Love

1. Levitation

This illusion takes seconds to learn and requires no objects or accessories. Standing a few yards in front of your audience and facing away at a diagonal angle, bend your knees and slowly raise your feet while keeping the toes furthest from the kids on the ground. Your outer foot shields the part of the inner foot still on the floor, so from their perspective, you’ll look like you’re floating.

2. Anti-Gravity Ring

To defy gravity, all you need is a ring and a cut rubber band — which you’ll refer to as a string. Hold the ends of the band in each hand with the ring hanging from the middle, then raise one side slightly and slowly stretch the rubber band. This gives the appearance of the ring rising up the string on its own.

3. Pencil Through a Bag of Water

This trick is less of an illusion and more a surprising feat of science. Fill a plastic sandwich baggie with water and (holding it firmly in one hand) carefully stick a sharpened pencil through until the point comes out the other side. While most people would expect water to spill out, the molecules in the baggie seal around the pencil and keep the contents inside. Even science can work like magic.

4. Rising Cardkids parties

If you’re looking for a unique trick to show at kids’ parties, make a card rise with this classic sleight of hand. Have an audience member select a card and “lose” it in the deck. Hold the cards up, face side out, and tap the top of the deck with your index finger. Use the tip of your little finger to slowly slide the top card up under your pointer finger, quickly curling your pinkie back to pick the card up with your pointer finger and thumb. To the audience, it looks like the chosen card rose mysteriously under your finger.

5. Disappearing Toothpick

Make a toothpick vanish with just a piece of tape. First, tape the top of the toothpick to your nail so that the stick lines up with your thumb. Hold your fist out to the audience with your thumb tucked in to hide the tape. The toothpick should stick out from your hand as if you’re holding it freely. With some finesse, wave your hand open, palm out, to make the toothpick “disappear.” Wave your hand into a fist to bring it back.



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