As you browse ideas for kids’ parties, you might wonder whether you should hire a magician or a clown. Though both can provide entertainment at children’s events, illusionists offer certain advantages you won’t necessarily get from clowns. Below, you’ll learn more about why magicians are preferable to clowns for birthdays and other events. 

Why Hire a Magician Instead of a Clown?

1. Kids Aren’t Scared of Them

Many children experience coulrophobia, which is the fear of clowns. Magicians don’t typically look scary to children, and their tricks aren’t fear-inducing. If you’re concerned about kids certain illusions that might startle younger kids, such as the zig-zag illusion or sawing a person in half, simply speak to the magician before the event, and you’ll end up with a party that’s perfectly suited for your young one and their guests. 

2. They Have More Tricks

magicianThough clowns have an amusing repertoire that includes things like balloon twisting, juggling, and miming, magicians keep more tricks up their sleeves. Many illusionists know how to make objects disappear, levitate, and even walk on water. When you hire them for parties, kids will be captivated as they watch coffee turn into dollar bills or pull the right card out of a full deck. With magicians, you’ll ultimately get more entertainment for your money. 

3. They Don’t Need to Match the Theme

Clowns are sometimes difficult to match to the theme of kids’ parties. While they may be appropriate for circus or carnival themes, they won’t necessarily make sense for mermaid- or pirate-inspired events. Magicians are a bit more versatile, as they can adjust their costumes and create a program of tricks to match any theme.



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