Hiring a magician for your child’s birthday party is one of the most effective ways to make the celebration more enjoyable and fun. It can make memories that last a lifetime. With many different magicians on the market, it can be hard to choose the one who’s best for your specific party needs. Fortunately, there are several factors that can determine if a magician is right for your needs. 

How to Choose a Magician for your Child’s Party

1. Consider the Type of Party You’re Planning

Take a look at the magician’s website or social media pages. Read their bio, look at pictures and videos, and get a feel for the type of performer they are. Then think about the party you want to have. Will they fit into the overall atmosphere you want to create on the day? Do they have experience in the type of magic or the type of party you want? Magicians who typically perform at large events may not fit in at an intimate family party. Likewise, kids’ party performers who specialize in smaller gatherings are likely the better option for smaller events as well as those with children of different ages. Keep all this in mind when choosing someone. 

2. Look at the Reviews


There are countless resources to find recommendations for almost any type of product or service, including kids’ party performers. Once you have a few magicians in mind, take a look at the reviews on their social profiles and the testimonials on their websites. Ask around to see if your friends have recommendations. While you should still talk to the magician you choose to make sure they’re the right fit, doing this research can help give you some insight into their quality and reliability. 

3. Ask Detailed Questions

Once you have a magician in mind, be sure to ask them any and all relevant questions. Ask them if they have insurance, if you can perform a background check, if they have videos of past performances, how many years of experience they have, their rates, and how long they’ll perform. Take your time, and don’t worry about asking too many questions. If you leave this conversation with a positive impression, your party guests will likely feel the same.



Marco The Magician boasts decades of experience as a magician as well as a sizable following with more than 10 million YouTube views. He has performed magic all over the world and has appeared with celebrities like Joan Rivers, Lou Reed, and Jimmy Fallon. To learn more about his work or to book him for your next birthday party or event, you can visit him online or call (212) 502-0148.