From Harry Houdini to David Copperfield and Penn & Teller, magicians have been a cornerstone of modern-day entertainment for centuries. Whether they’re performing on the Las Vegas strip or a kids’ birthday, great magicians can draw energy and excitement from even the toughest crowds. But why do people love magic? Here are three reasons magic has stayed such a popular form of entertainment.

Why Do We Love Magic?

1. It’s Thrilling 

In much the same way babies are delighted by a game of Peek-a-Boo, magic tricks entertain kids and adults alike. Humans are wired to try and make sense of the world. As a person ages and they gain a deeper understanding of how things work, they may lose the sense of awe they had in childhood. Magic tricks cannot be easily explained, so they challenge a person’s view of reality. This sensation can be startling but in a safe, fun way. When you see a magician’s assistant cut in half, you know the person is unharmed but cannot explain how. It’s delightful and pushes you to think outside of the box.

2. It Makes You Feel Like a Kid Again 

magicianBeing made to “feel like a kid again” is probably one of the best feelings an adult can have. Children are easily delighted by simple things, like going down a slide or seeing a coin disappear in someone’s hand. Adults, on the other hand, often carry the weight of stress and complex thoughts and may find it more challenging to feel unadulterated joy. Watching a magician can bring about that feeling of childlike wonder and offer a safe, momentary escape. 

3. It Can Make You Feel Superior 

While many people enjoy being surprised and delighted, others enjoy magic because it gives them a chance to feel superior. Research shows more than 50% of people think they are smarter than average, a phenomenon known as “illusory superiority.” For some people, thinking they’ve figured out a magician’s tricks is what makes a magic show fun. 


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