For children, each birthday marks a major milestone and should be celebrated with a party. Learn more about how to plan a memorable party for your child without taking on unnecessary stress. By following a few simple tips, you can organize a fun kid’s birthday party that your child and all of their friends will love. 


Arrange for entertainment.

kid's birthdayA professional entertainer will be able to captivate even the rowdiest guests. What’s more, blocking off a portion of the party for a magic show will give you the time needed to address various hosting duties, like cleaning up, putting away the gifts, and preparing the cake. 

Consider the parents. 

While the focus of the party should be the kids, parents will appreciate any steps you take to make them more comfortable. You can create a seating area where they can relax during the organized activities, for example, and set out some snacks and drinks for them to munch on while the children play. 


Open gifts while guests are there.

Having the birthday boy or girl open gifts in front of everyone could create awkward tension depending on the age of the children in attendance. Younger kids may get competitive about whose gift is best.

Instead, have your child open their presents after everyone leaves and help them send thank you notes to all the guests for their thoughtful presents. 

Invite too many guests. 

When creating the guest list, be realistic about the space where you’ll be hosting the party. How many people can it reasonably accommodate? It may be tempting to invite both your child’s class and baseball team, for example, but doing so could cause chaos if everyone ends up attending.


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