Leading a student activity organization is a fun way to get involved in the campus community, get to know other people, and encourage others to do the same. As someone in charge, it’s your responsibility to brainstorm exciting events for your campus. Fortunately, there are many different options to consider, from hiring a magician to arranging quiz nights. Here are a few to keep in mind.

How to Entertain Returning College Students

1. Host a Game Show

Game shows encourage maximum participation and entice students to get involved. Moreover, game shows provide an opportunity for a bit of fun and friendly competition. You can model your event after a trivia quiz or popular TV show, complete with a host and a live audience. Don’t forget to include prizes to elevate the excitement factor.

2. Hire a Skilled Magician

magicianWatching a skilled magician show off countless tricks allows the audience tobond over their shared astonishment and speculate about how they were done.

The beauty of magic shows is that they can be interactive to encourage audience participation or completely performative if your guests prefer to sit back and take in the show. Magicians can perform for small and large groups alike. This flexibility makes this form of entertainment especially appealing.

3. Host Your Own Festival

Summer music festivals are popular among students. Take advantage of this when the school year begins. Fall provides the right ambiance for a seasonal festival complete with themed booths, delicious pumpkin- and apple-based foods, warm beverages, and live entertainment. Advertise the event far and wide to ensure maximum participation and success for your organization.


When you need an experienced entertainer for your next college event, contact Marco The Magician. Based in New York City, Marco takes great pride in delighting his audiences and brings the same level of enthusiasm to every show, whether it’s a private party or a campus-wide event. This magician has more than 10 million YouTube views and is known globally for his skills. Visit his website to find out how he can make your event a success, or call (212) 502-0148 to learn more.