When you hire a magician to perform at a party, you give guests an interactive experience they will be sure to remember. It's not uncommon to wonder where to start and what qualities to look for. Begin the process with a few hiring tips that will introduce you to your ideal party magician.

How to Hire a Party Magician

1. Consider Your Audience

The goal is to entertain your guests. The show needs to match the audience's age and interest. Seek out performers who offer shows designed for your guests.

For instance, a magician for a corporate event will put on a much different show than one who performs at backyard gatherings. For best results, look for someone who performs a variety of shows; they are sure to be adaptable to the needs of an audience.

2. Look for Experience

magicianFind a performer who has dedicated years of their life to perfecting the art of magic. Don't hesitate to ask a magician about how long they've been in the business. Also, see if they have reviews on Yelp or YouTube videos you can check out to get an idea of their style and experience levels.

3. Prepare a List of Questions

Put together a list of questions to feel confident that you're bringing in the right person for the job. Inquire about the length of a typical show, the cost involved, and how you should prepare. Also, be ready to answer the performer's questions. They'll likely want to know the date and time of the show, the venue's setup, and how many guests will be in attendance.


When you need a party performer in the New York City area, contact Marco the Magician. Marco is a full-time entertainer who performs for kids' birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and adult events. With over 10 million views on his YouTube videos, he boasts an impressive roster of past clients, including Google, the NBA, and Scholastic Books. Call (212) 502-0148 or visit his website to request a quote.